AIGA : Process of Progress - Anton & Irene

Client: AIGA
Studio: MetaJive
Role: Art Direction & Design, UI
Collaborators: Dave Benton - Creative Direction, LookMister - Motion Design 

Irene Pereyra and Anton Repponen are the former Head of User Experience and Global Creative Director of Fantasy Interactive respectively. Over the years, they've frequently collaborated start to finish on interactive projects. They have a strong point of view on how essential interdisciplinary collaboration is and on the many failings of a traditional "waterfall" design process. They've started their own studio and travel the world in search of great creative projects, adventure, and to speak at design conferences. In this design for their AIGA presentation, we're celebrating the process of creating digital design by pulling back the curtain to see our design software in use via a 12 column grid, object bounding boxes, editable type and vector anchor points. Their talk was inspiring, and hanging out with them on the day talk was great too (they were gracious to answer so many questions!) Everyone asks, so I should mention; Anton took the photo of the lady in the ocean, and it's "Not Irene!" So mysterious... I created the "The Process of Progress" type with custom letterforms based on Steven Graham's letter "R." A big thank you to MetaJive for organizing the event, and to LookMister for the motion design!

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