Bare Minerals Redesign

Client: Bare Minerals
Studio: Fluid
Role: Art Direction & Design, UI
Collaborators: Michael Janiak - Creative Direction, Erica Strandberg Randhawa - Design

I love the challenge of going into a project knowing little to nothing about about a particular market or company. This project was a great chance to learn about the beauty industry and about Bare Minerals' product line. I was educated on foundation (it turns out there is more than one shade!), concealers, blushes, highlighters, bronzers, and many more.  Bare was shifting their brand away from excessive gloss and glamour. My goal for the art direction was to create a more natural, real life version of beauty that people could intimately connect with, and to highlight the Bare product line. To achieve this, we're seeing the models in candid moments (looking away from camera) with friendly facial expressions, the layouts can breathe with lots of negative space, the colors are light and warm, the typography is minimal and direct, and the models' brightness has been pushed back to let the Bare products come to the forefront. Below are my original design concepts for the project. The client liked both my concepts and Erica's concepts and the designs were blended together. Erica and I worked through an entire responsive site redesign and the design was nominated for a "Best Visual Design" Webby Award. 

Bare Minerals : Home Page
Bare Minerals : Featured Look Module

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