FROG Design : Tech Trends

Client: FROG Design
Role: Art Direction & Design, Illustration
Collaborators: Lia Hanson - Producer

Working again with FROG's energetic color palette and an open brief, I was tasked with designing FROG's annual "Tech Trends" report. Every year, a team from FROG looks at the tech landscape and assess the viability of emerging trends. Topics included health AI's, nano technology, crypto currency, friendship services, VR for disaster relief, educational gaming, biometrics, microbiome data, haptic feedback, and more. Some of the trends from the report are substantial and will result in lasting change, while others, despite relentless hype have shown themselves to be novelties and gimmicks. Working with this notion of artifice, the illustration features playful optical illusions. Just to be clear, I think the vast majority of these tech trends impressesd me as being positive. However, I was quite dubious about the "Friend/Family Rental Service" which is popular in Japan and China.   


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