FX : Baskets

Client: FX Networks
Studio: Ludomade
Role: Art Direction & Design, UI
Collaborators: Tony George - Creative Direction, Christopher Kezelos - Producer

FX Networks was launching a new show, "Baskets", starring Zach Galifianakis, about a struggling clown, Chip Baskets. In creating a landing page for Chip's clowning services ("Renoir" is his clown name) and notary services, FX's request was to make the site delightfully tacky and crude. The page was to have been created by Chip/Renoir and to reflect his skill level with design tools, and his nuanced take on clowning. The design I created is loaded with horrible design cliches: bad free fonts, overused effects (drop shadows, bevels, gradients, etc...), and clip art with a really crude level of production. The client's only feedback on the design was to "Make it look worse!" After adding more ugly fonts (Papyrus, Typewriter, and Comic Sans), confetti, rainbows and balloons, we had arrived at the circus.

Renoir's clowning and notary services web site (as created by Renoir/Chip Baskets)

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