Heineken : Festival Famous

Client: Heineken
Studio: MetaJive
Role: Art Direction & Design, 3D Modeling, Image Compositing, Custom Type, UI
Collaborators: Dave Benton - Creative Direction 

In branding Heineken's identity for their appearance at the massive Ultra Music Festival in Miami (attendance averages ~50K per year), I wanted to create a visual identity that was authentic to the futuristic music of the festival. Generally speaking, electronic music lives in a high energy space full of beauty, drama, wonder, distortion, intensity, and abstraction. I tried to echo as many of those characteristics as possible in the design with bold and energetic color, futuristic 3D shapes, angular typography implying motion, visual distortion effects, and rich and dramatic photography. “Festival Famous” refers to Heineken’s social media themed contest, prompting users to move through the festival to capture photos of friends, musical artists and stages. Users posted photos on Instagram and the winner had the opportunity to dj on stage with a famous dj. The headline type was based on "ITC Avant Garde" by Herb Lubalin and "MOVANT BARKS" by Roberto Quiñones. I first fell in love with electronic music and djing during my college years. Many a night was spent journeying to hidden and secret locations, dancing under the stars, listening to the jaw-clenchingly loud yet delicious drums, bass, and synths in the records the dj was spinning, meeting engaging and eclectic people, and watching a beautiful sunrise. Electronic music's growth since the days of those underground parties has been staggering. I never could have predicted its ascension or that I'd one day get the opportunity to design something like this. 


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