Hotel Tonight : App Redesign

Client: Hotel Tonight
Role: Art Direction & Design, Product Design UX/UI
Collaborators: Jen Phannguyen - UX, Marissa Chacko - Producer, Amanda Richardson - Producer

My friend and UX maestro, Jen, brought me into Hotel Tonight to help redesign the app from the ground up. We started with the main screen, the "Hotel List," and proceeded to work through the entire app. We continuously refined the designs with input from producers, engineers, the sales team, and executives to get the designs handed off to the engineering team and shipped. Some highlights of this year long project included: helping design an important new feature "Multi-Night Booking" (taking the app beyond "Tonight"); pulling their previously fragmented iOS and Android experiences together towards a universal and branded experience; assuming all of the UX (and UI) design duties at the end of the project when Jen finished; having our bottom-pinned "Book Now" / Apple Pay button featured in Jakob Nielsen's "iOS Rules to Break" write up, and getting to work with the great engineering team. A great perk of working there was the engineers aimed a webcam at the very popular Blue Bottle Coffee across the street.  When they saw the ever-present line diminish, we'd race downstairs for an afternoon Affogato. 


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