Making Human Connections

Client: (Unnamed)
Studio: The Engine Is Red
Role: Art Direction & Design, Custom Type, Illustration
Collaborators: Josh Talbot - Creative Direction 

This art direction was pitched for a contest event in which teams of strangers are given mechanical and building materials and challenged to perform a daring physical task. In the illustrated typography we're seeing various means of connection and function. To arrive here, I created sketches, illustrated the initial letter set, iterated until the letters felt like a cohesive unit, and experimented with warm and cool color palette choices. I always start with a pencil sketch before jumping into design software and it all goes back to an exchange I had with my mom. I asked my her why I needed to write an outline before starting a creative writing assignment. Her response was, "Would you start driving before you knew where you were going?" Sketches before Illustrator, never doubt it, mom knows best. 


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